Caravaggio, Leadenhall Market

We stumbled across Caravaggio by chance, when on a night out I decided it was time to try the infamous Mother Mash, just outside Leadenhall Market; when I saw that it was closed at half past six (!) – heartbroken doesn’t even cover it. That’s where Caravaggio came in, as my restaurant in edible armor, if you will. The beautiful, classic Italian restaurant, just next door to Mother Mash, provided an unexpected night of foodie decadent delights…

My roast venison with walnut mash more than made up for the night’s long-forgotten disappointing start. The meat was perfectly seasoned and succulent, the mash was super-smooth and rich in earthy flavour – a star accompaniment to English game.

Andrew’s steak was so good that he couldn’t wait to get started (hence his half-eaten photo!), and the thick cut chips were to die for.

Going back to the starters, these simple British ingredients created fantastic Italian flavour – light, fresh and oh so moreish. Much the same can be said for our desserts. The zesty Key Lime pie and my English raspberries with home-made shortbread biscuits and thick clotted cream provided the perfect finishing touch to a truly great meal.

Caravaggio will not be a back-up option next time.

Find out more about Caravaggio.


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