Pulled pork, corn on the cob and baked sweet potato

Ok, so I didn’t exactly have to do a lot to make this meal – but I just had to share how tasty it was!


I ordered a Boston Butt (the perfect cut of pork to make delicious pulled pork) from Waitrose, which is pre-seasoned with an amazing dry rub and comes with a sticky BBQ glaze. At only £4 this is amazing value for the amount of meat you get (it could have quite easily fed four, but we were hungry…). Cooking the Butt is really simple, you just chuck it in the oven for a couple of hours to slow cook, then heat the glaze and drizzle over before pulling the meat a part – which was very easy to do with two forks. Though, I would advise using a really good non-stick tray, as i’m still scraping off the burnt mess!

As for the sides, I would love to claim that I spent more time on them, but this was a mid-week meal that I wanted zero effort but maximum reward for. For the corn on the cob, I simply steamed in the microwave in a loose-lid lunch box with a dribble of water for 6 mins. The baked sweet potatos were a microwave cheat too – yes I know that slow cooking in an oven will make the skins nice and crispy, but who cares about the skins when there’s the delicious sweet insides?! – place a couple of medium size sweet potatoes on a place and zap for 5 mins on 850 watts, then turn them over and repeat. Wal ahh! No time at all. I lavished both the corn and the potatoes with butter and a pinch of black pepper.

Sooooo gooood!


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